With the Titan Barrel, options for customization are limitless. Toast internal staves to different levels, mix a variety of available woods, use
as much or as little oak as you like. 



French Oak, American Oak, Acacia
(By special request: Cherry, Hickory, Hard Maple, Ash, Beech)


French Oak Heads – Centre Region
French Oak Staves – Vosges, Nevers, Centre Region
Acacia – Centre Region
American Oak – Missouri, Appalachian Region, Northern Mid-West U.S

French Oak Seasoning: Minimum of 24 months in the Aix-en-Othe region of France.

American Oak Seasoning: Minimum of 24 months at our facility in New York State.

Toasting Options Staves: Light | Medium | Medium Plus | Heavy

Toast Option Heads: Light | Medium | Medium Plus | Heavy


750 Milliliters, 
2 Liters
1 US Gallon
5 US Gallons
10 US Gallons
30 US Gallons
53 US Gallons
59 US Gallons



• Reduces costs associated with new oak purchases requiring only the purchase of new heads and staves instead of a complete barrel. Replacement kits for heads and staves are a fraction of the price of a new barrel. 

• Complete barrels are priced comparably to traditional French oak wine barrels

• Can be used with standard barrel racks

• Micro Oxygenation levels are nealry identical to those achieved with a traditional wood barrel.

• Nearly limitless versatility: Wood varieties and toast levels can be mixed and switched from year to year 

• Reduces labor costs associated with the handling, selling and storage of used barrels

• No specialized training or skill required for stave and head replacement

• Surface area of a standard barrel can be matched to that of a traditional barrel or customized with internal staves