With the Titan Barrel, options for customization are limitless. Toast internal
staves to different levels, mix woods, use as much or as little oak as you like. 


French Oak, American Oak, Acacia
(By special request: Cherry, Hickory, Hard Maple, Ash, Beech)


French Oak Heads – Centre Region
French Oak Staves – Vosges, Nevers, Centre Region
Acacia – Centre Region
American Oak – Missouri, Appalachian Region, Northern Mid-West U.S

French Oak Seasoning: Minimum of 24 months in the Aix-en-Othe region of France.

American Oak Seasoning: Minimum of 24 months at our facility in New York State.

Toasting Options Staves: Light | Medium | Medium Plus | Heavy

Toast Option Heads: Light | Medium | Medium Plus | Heavy


750 Milliliters,  2 Liters, 1 US Gallon, 2.5 US Gallons, 5 US Gallons, 
10 US Gallons, 30 US Gallons, 53 US Gallons, 59 US Gallons


• Will reduce costs associated with new oak purchases requiring only the purchase of
new heads and staves instead of a complete barrel. 

• Complete barrels are priced the same or lower than traditional French oak wine barrels

• Replacement kits for heads and staves are a fraction of the price of a new barrel. 

 • Can be used with standard barrel racks

• Micro Oxygenation levels are nealry identical to those achieved with a traditional
wood barrel.

• Nearly limitless versatility: Wood varieties and toast levels can be mixed and switched from year to year 

• Reduces labor costs associated with the handling, selling and storage of used barrels

• No specialized training or skill required for stave and head replacement

• Surface area of a standard barrel can be matched to that of a traditional barrel or customized with internal staves