Titan Wine Barrels 

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The stainless-steel shells provides the reusable backbone for the wooden heads and staves. The wooden heads allow for the natural transfer of oxygen and the internal staves provide the desired flavor profile associated with a wooden barrel.

Options & Specifications

Barrel Sizes : 2 Liters / 05 Gallons / 10 Gallons / 30 Gallons / 59 Gallons / 105 Gallons

Standard Woods : French Oak / American Oak / French Acacia / Eastern European Oak

Specialty Woods : Japanese Mizunara / Cherry / Apple / Hard Maple / Hickory Wood

Seasoning : A minimum of 24 months air drying

Source Locations

French Oak Regions : Vosges, Nevers, Centre Region

French Acacia : Centre Region

American Oak : Missouri, Appalachian Region, & Pennsylvania


Toasting Options : Light / Medium / Medium Plus / Heavy

Toasting Methods : Convection Toast or Wood Fire Toast

Why you should select Titan Wine Barrels

✅ A reduction in barrel costs, Titan Barrels have an initial cost close to that of traditional barrels and after 3 years the Titan barrel has paid for itself

✅ Almost identical micro oxygenation to that of a traditional wooden barrel.

✅ Ability to customize barrel to level that was never previously available.

✅ The Titan Barrel has the ability to be configured according with production requirements.

✅ More oak or less oak, change of toast, or charge of wood variety.

✅ In the event of contamination in the winery total loss is reduced as only the wood needs to be replaced, saving on the need to purchase all new barrels.

✅ A Titan Barrel can be dumped, cleaned, new wood put on and back in production in the same day.

✅ Reduced the need to handle, store and sell used barrels.

✅ Fits on standard barrel racks.

✅ Less likely to be damaged in the event of a drop and earthquake.

✅ The Titan is able to produce the same quality wine as its traditional barrel counterparts optional Stainless Steel end.