Titan Barrel Benefits

  • Price is the same or lower than a traditional French oak barrel
  • Replacement heads and stave sets are a fraction of
    the cost of a new wood barrel
  • Long term cost savings
  • Decreased evaporation loss
  • Reduction in barrel leaks and repairs
  • Heads and Staves can be replaced in under an hour
  • Shell can switch between different woods and or toasts
    depending on production
  • Allows greater flexibility with toasting where some staves could be toasted medium while other are medium plus, light or heavy
  • Alternative woods can be used for interior staves allowing for unique flavor profiles
  • In the event of barrel contamination, only heads and staves
    need to be replaced
  • Easier to store then a traditional barrel when not in use

Example Pricing for a French Oak Titan Barrel

59 Gallon French Oak Titan Barrel (1 to 50 Barrels) – $950.00
Replacement Heads and Staves (1 to 50 Sets) – $350.00


Traditional Wooden Barrel
French Oak Average Price $ $925.00 FOB
Selling Used French Oak $125.00
Barrel Cost $800.00
Two French Oak Barrels Cost $1600.00