Titan Spirit Barrels 

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The Titan Spirit Barrel is completely customizable. Use as little or as much oak as you wish. Mix and match woods and char levels within the same barrel to create a unique finishing profile.

Options & Specifications

Barrel Sizes : 2 Liters / 05 Gallons / 10 Gallons / 30 Gallons / 59 Gallons / 105 Gallons

Standard Woods : American Oak / French Oak / French Acacia / Eastern European Oak

Specialty Woods : Japanese Mizunara / Cherry / Apple / Hard Maple / Hickory

Seasoning : A minimum of 12 months air drying

Source Locations

American Oak : Missouri, Appalachian Region, & Pennsylvania

French Oak Regions : Vosges, Nevers, Centre Region

French Acacia : Centre Region


Char Options : Char #1 / Char #2 / Char #3 / Char #4

Why you should select Titan Spirit Barrels

✅ Reduces costs requiring only the purchase of new heads and stave’s instead of a complete barrel.

✅ Can be used with standard barrel racks.

✅ Micro Oxygenation levels are nearly identical to those achieved with a traditional wood barrel.

✅ Nearly limitless versatility – Wood varieties and char levels can be mixed and changed from year to year

✅ Reduced labor costs associated with handling, selling and storage of used barrels.

✅ No specialized training or skill required for stave and head replacement

✅ Oak surface area can be matched to that of a traditional barrel or customized with internal stave’s.

✅ Reduction in possible leak locations.

✅ Heads can be removed and replaced in 1 hour and the barrel can be filled again the same day.

✅ Barrel can be made with optional Super Stave’s increasing the wood surface area per stave by 157.6%.

✅ Any type or species of wood that is safe for human consumption can be used for internal staves.

✅ Tri clamp fitting make pulling samples simpler, there is no need to hammer in and replace wooden bungs.

✅ French Oak, Eastern European Oak, Japanese Mizunara Oak and other exotic oaks can be used at a highly reduced cost.

✅ Can be used as a finishing cask provide different notes after the spirit has matured.

✅ American Oak can be smoked with a variety of woods and or peat.

✅ Titan shell is an asset on the balance sheet not a cost of good like a wooden barrel.