What if you could produce the same quality aged spirit in 25% to 40% of the time it currently takes? Meet the Titan Spirit Barrel, a hybrid stainless steel and wooden barrel which changes how distilled spirits
are aged.

The Titan Spirit Barrel is completely customizable. Use as little or as much oak as you wish. Mix and match woods and char levels within the same barrel to create a unique finishing profile. Want to age longer but don't want to over oak your spirit? Order the Titan Barrel with only charred heads and no internal staves or simply remove the staves when you have enough oak and color.

With the Titan Barrel you have the
flexibility to make your spirit a true reflection of your personal taste


• Decreased evaporation loss
• Decreased incidence of leaks
• Spirit matures faster without loss of quality
• Fully customizable
• Long term savings over traditional barrels



American Oak, French Oak, Japanese Mizunara, Cherry, Hickory, & Hard Maple


All Staves and Heads are
toasted Before Charring

Char # 1 , Char # 2 , Char # 3 ,
Char # 4, Char # 5

Wood Surface Area

Titan Barrels ship with the wood barrel equivalent surface area, but can be customized  with more or less oak.  

Barrel Sizes

750 ml, 2 ltr, 5 gallons, 10 gallons, 30 gallons, 53 gallons