The Titan Barrel’s steel shell is designed for endurance – it’s life expectancy is far beyond that of a traditional oak barrel.

After one aging cycle, simply remove the heads and internal staves. We provide replacement heads and staves at a fraction of the cost through our Head & Stave Replacement Kit.

Easy to Maintain

A quick cleaning can be applied to the interior of the shell before installing the new heads and stave inserts, eliminating the need to have a barrel “refurbished.”


In the age of artisanal craftsmanship, the need to constantly innovate and introduce new flavors or ideas has become pivotal to a brands success.

With the introduction of the Titan Barrel System, you can easily create new and exciting flavors with the full customization of the Titan Barrel.

The Titan Barrel allows winemakers & distillers to experiment with different wood types, combinations, and toast or char levels. You can add or subtract the amount of wood or even change the heads and internal staves in your attempt to create something memorable.