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[Q] What advantages does the Titan Barrel have over a traditional oak barrel?

With the Titan Barrel we aim to eliminate many of the drawbacks of traditional wood barrels. Of these, the lifecycle of the barrel is of primary concern. With a stainless steel shell, a Titan Barrel can be expected to last 30 years or longer; Only the heads and staves need to be replaced at fraction of the price of a new barrel.

[Q] Where is your wood sourced?

American Oak: Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio, Minnesota

French Oak: Heads - Région Centre France, Staves - Vosges, Centre France, Nevers

[Q] For how long do you season your wood?

For Titan Wine Barrels, all of our oak is seasoned for a minimum of 24 months

For Titan Spirits Barrels, our American Oak is seasoned for 12 to 36 months

depending on customer requirements.

[Q] How do you ensure the quality of every barrel?

Each and every component of the Titan Barrel has a unique lot number, and each complete barrel has a unique serial number. This allows us to pinpoint any issues in the manufacturing process.

Each barrel is filled with five gallons of filtered water and pressure tested at 10 psi to verify that there are no leaks.

[Q] Will it fit in a standard barrel rack?

Yes, the Titan Barrel has almost identical dimensions to its traditional counterpart.

[Q] Will it fit in a standard barrel rack?

The heads are cut with our patented profile so that part of the head fits inside the shell. This creates a cork like effect as the first seal. For redundancy, we use a food grade O-ring which creates a seal between the head and the flange.

[Q] What kind of maintenance is required?

The only maintenance required is standard barrel cleaning procedure after it has been emptied.

To maintain the moisture of the heads, you can either keep them wrapped in plastic or fill the barrel with five gallons of hot water and soak each head for 24 hours.

[Q] How thick is the steel?

In 30 gallon barrels and larger, the shell is 3mm stainless and the flanges and the flat rings are 6mm stainless each.

In 5 and 10 gallon Barrels, the shell is 2mm stainless and the flanges and the flat rings are 4mm stainless each.

[Q] Can the Titan Barrel be used for Bourbon?

Currently the Titan Barrel can be used for whiskey production. We are in the process of working with the TTB for bourbon approval.

[Q] What is the minimum order?

There is no minimum. You may order one or more barrels of any size.  

[Q] How are the internal staves secured to the barrel?

The internal staves are held in place with 316L (medical grade) spring stainless steel wire. The wire sits between the wood staves and the shell. We do this for the wine application so that during barrel stirring the sediment does not get stuck behind the staves.

[Q] Is there anything special I need to know about prepping and storing my Titan Barrel?

Please see our page on barrel prep and storage on ;

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